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Restoring Immune System Balance Using the Power of Cell Therapy

At Sonoma Bio, we are leveraging the properties of regulatory T cells (Tregs) to create living cell therapies that restore the immune system back to its balanced, fully functioning state.

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Our Mission

Curing autoimmune and inflammatory disease

The immune system is complex, touching every tissue type in the body. Immune cells must meet the challenge of distinguishing between “non-self” (such as viruses, bacteria and other pathogens) and “self” antigens. If they cannot make this distinction, the result is the onset of devastating autoimmune diseases like rheumatoid arthritis, Crohn’s disease, Type 1 diabetes and over 80 other syndromes. Despite significant advances in the development of therapies to treat these conditions, existing medicines are often short-lived, need to be chronically delivered and can be ineffective at treating the underlying causes of disease, leaving many patients to suffer in silence.

At Sonoma Bio, we aspire to change this by creating best-in-class Treg therapies that are long-lasting, highly efficacious and have the potential to slow or prevent disease progression and prolong healthy life.


Life at Sonoma Bio

Life at Sonoma Bio revolves around robust, innovative and reproducible science. It’s an environment where all voices are heard, and where our collective goals are more important than our individual accomplishments. We believe that the therapies we are developing have the potential to be transformational, and that level of passion is felt throughout our team. 

Hear from our employees about what it’s like to work at Sonoma Bio.

“What I found out very quickly when speaking with the people at Sonoma is that every single person in the company cares about creating a culture that is very accepting and gives off a feeling of belonging and a feeling that you have a voice."
Jen Abrams
Senior Manager, Program Management
“You see a drive and passion through everybody inside this company, and that bleeds down into the culture that we have, and it just makes you want to come to work every day.”
James Matthaei
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The people at Sonoma Bio

We have built an experienced team to bring our vision together—harnessing the genetic engineering, development and manufacturing capabilities in cell therapy required to translate our approach into cures.


A new pillar of medicine

Cell and genetic engineering have already established a new pillar of medicine for the treatment of cancer. In harnessing the power of regulatory T cells (Tregs) – shown to have multiple therapeutic and tissue-reparative properties – we are engineering a new generation of cell therapies to have enhanced function and the ability to target specific tissues.

Tregs, circulating throughout every tissue type, act as sentinels that survey the body for unwanted immune attacks and rebalance the immune system. Our best-in-class Treg therapies possess multiple therapeutic effects, within a single medicine, helping overcome the complex and multifaceted nature of autoimmune and inflammatory disease. 
Emerging research shows that enhanced Treg cells work directly at the site of inflammation for a durable, lasting response. We are developing Tregtherapies that have the potential to deliver long-lasting efficacy and can target tissues with high specificity. This is a paradigm-shifting approach that can transform treatments for autoimmune and inflammatory diseases.
We are also developing a novel biologic therapy that conditions patients by selectively depleting T effector cells ( Teffs). The loss of immune system balance is often caused by uncontrolled inflammation and overactive innate and adaptive immunity, which is correlated with Teff resistance. By addressing both Treg and Teff, Sonoma Bio’s complementary approach holds the potential to induce durable immune system balance and transform the way we treat these diseases. 

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What we're building

We are building a pipeline of promising medicines to treat a spectrum of autoimmune and inflammatory diseases. We are accomplishing this with a best-in-class manufacturing operation based on years of process development and innovation – pioneered by our founders and Sonoma Bio staff.

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Work with us

At Sonoma Bio, we are building a new pillar of medicine. We strive to change how devastating autoimmune and inflammatory conditions are fundamentally treated.

To accomplish these incredible feats, it takes the collaboration of many brilliant people working together as a cohesive unit. It requires an environment built on passion, boldness and accountability – one in which everyone feels confident to express themselves freely and authentically. This is Sonoma Bio.  

We are looking for people who believe in transformational science to improve patient health, and who are committed to advancing cell therapies into entirely new realms. Are you interested in making a difference in the lives of others and creating a novel class of living medicines for autoimmune and other inflammatory diseases?

Join the team that is leading a new frontier in Treg cell therapy.

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Investment partners

To some, our ambition for cures may seem aspirational. But our team possesses the scientific and industry know-how needed to accomplish our mission of fundamentally changing how autoimmune diseases are treated. We are proud to be partnered with investors that believe in our team and mission. 

Ally Bridge Group
 Arch Ventures
ArrowMark Partners
Avidity Partners
Casdin Capital
Deep Track Capital
Fidelity Management & Research Company LLC
Frazier Healthcare Partners
Janus Henderson Investors
Lifeforce Capital
Lilly Asia Ventures
Mirae Asset
NS Investment
Octagon Capital Advisors
Osage University Partners
Vertex Ventures HC
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Get in touch

Interested in learning more about Sonoma Bio? Contact us below for general questions, media inquiries or partnership discussions.

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