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Eleonora Trotta

Principal Scientist

Eleonora Trotta joined Sonoma in May 2020. As Principal Scientist, Discovery Research she is responsible of developing new approaches to identify new generation of engineered Tregs.

Eleonora obtained her PhD in Immunological Sciences at University of Rome “La Sapienza”, focusing on the role of Natural Killer cells (NK cells) in human pregnancy. She later pursued a Postdoctoral training at UCSF in the laboratory of Dr. Jeffrey Bluestone at UCSF, where she worked on several projects related to engineered IL-2 cytokines and receptors for use in cell therapy, for both autoimmune diseases and cancer.

Before joining Sonoma, Eleonora served as Principal Investigator of the Next Generation team at PACT Pharma, where she was responsible of conception, design, and testing of next generation of effector T cells for personalized adoptive T cell therapy.