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Frederic Van Gool

Sr. Director, Discovery Research

Frederic Van Gool is a molecular T cell immunologist with more than 15 years of research experience in the field of immune tolerance. Frederic obtained his PhD in molecular biology from the Université Libre deBruxelles, for his research thesis on the regulation of innate immunity by the NAD-biosynthetic pathways. He pursued a postdoctoral training in the field ofimmune tolerance and regulatory T-cells (Tregs) with Dr. Jeffrey Bluestone atUCSF, where he investigated pathways required for the maintenance of Treg function and identified a cross-talk between Tregs and innate lymphoid cells.

More recently, Frederic pursued his scientific career as Adjunct Assistant Professor at UC San Francisco, Diabetes Center, School of Medicine. His research focused on deciphering the regulatory function of the transcription factor FOXP3 at the cellular and molecular level.

Frederic joined Sonoma Biotherapeutics in 2019 as Senior Director of Discovery Research. He is responsible for the ongoing discovery effort in developing the next generation of engineered Treg cell therapies for autoimmune diseases, organ transplant rejection and other degenerative diseases. Fredericis particularly interested in understanding the fundamental mechanisms regulating immune tolerance and applying these principles to advance novelimmune-based therapies.