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Hervé Lebrec

VP, Development Sciences

Hervé Lebrec, PharmD, PhD, DABT joined Sonoma Biotherapeutics from Amgen Inc. where he most recently served as Executive Director of Translational Safety. He was responsible for leading a team of toxicologists and laboratory-based scientists responsible for the nonclinical safety assessment of multiple types of products (small molecules, antibodies, oncolytic viruses, siRNAs, engineered T cells) from lead optimization through post-marketing phases. In that function, Lebrec also contributed to the preparation of first-in-human oncology clinical study protocols for proper integration of nonclinical data and translational safety information. He also supported oncology related business development efforts through fit-for-purpose evaluations. Prior to this, Lebrec was a Principal Scientist and Scientific Director in translational safety at Amgen where he served as Project Team toxicologist.

Prior to joining Amgen, Lebrec served at 3M Pharmaceuticals, initially as Research Specialist, then as Pathology and Toxicology Department Manager, with a focus on the nonclinical safety assessment of small molecule Toll-like receptor agonists.