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Joshua Beilke

VP, Product Sciences

Joshua Beilke is an experienced immunologist who, for over 20 years, has worked on deciphering aspects of immune tolerance.

He received his PhD at the University of Colorado Health Sciences Barbara Davis Center where he focused on active mechanisms of immune tolerance while moonlighting to earn his MBA from the University of Colorado. He completed post-doctoral work  at the University of California, San Francisco in the Lewis Lanier Lab, focusing on NK cells, NK-like receptors in autoimmunity, and memory NK cell formation.  

Prior to joining Sonoma, he served as the Director of the Department of T cell Biology and Engineering at Celgene in Seattle, Washington responsible for CAR and eTCR T cell signalling optimization, controlling activity with small molecules, and ensuring optimal biology during manufacturing.   Additionally, Josh was a member of the early business development triage and diligence team and managed the science of partnerships stemming from these investments.  Prior to joining Celgene, Josh worked at Novo Nordisk Research Center focusing on target discovery for biotherapeutics development in inflammatory diseases.

Josh joined Sonoma in 2019 as Vice President of Translational Development and site head for Seattle.