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Srikanta Jana

Principal Scientist

Srikanta Jana is an accomplished molecular biologist and immunologist in Treg biology and engineered T cell product development.  Sri joined Sonoma as Principal Scientist where he leads a group in product/ analytical sciences and manufacturing of autologous CAR-Treg cell products for cell therapy of autoimmune patients.

Sri came to Sonoma from WindMIL Therapeutics, where he led a bioanalytics group for CAR-MIL® and MIL® products development for cancer. Previously, he focused on analytical assay development, product sciences of tandem CAR-T cells for B-ALL cell therapy at Milteny Biotec.

Trained as a post-doc at UMass Medical School and Medical College of Wisconsin in Type-1 Diabetes immunology/immunotherapy, he earned his Ph.D in Immunology focusing on immunomodulatory effects of Protein-A on AZT treatment at Jadavpur/ Bose Institute, India. He completed his BS in chemistry and MS in Biochemistry from Calcutta University, India.

In his spare time, he loves to read/listen poetry, songs-classical/vocal, spiritual subjects, kitchen gardening and to find oneness among us & nature.